Advice from a Bay Area General Contractor

Castro Valley Kitchen RemodelingA fresh kitchen design implemented by an expert general contractor can turn an ordinary house into the home of your dreams. Unfortunately, kitchen remodeling can be prohibitively expensive, even when homeowners take into account the fact that smart remodeling can increase a house’s market value.

Here are 5 critical tips on how to save money while budgeting for your dream kitchen:

  • Budget around purpose. Are you fixing up your house to sell it, or do you plan on staying for the long haul? Or do you simply want to use your kitchen more frequently or with more ease? Estimate a tighter budget if you’re selling your house to ensure an appropriate ROI.
  • Budget for uncertainty. Accidents happen, and surprise issues will arise, even if your plans look solid. Commit 10% of your budget to fielding unexpected problems. Leave yourself room in your plan—with respect to the project’s size, cost and scope—to handle surprises flexibly.
  • Find a respected and reputable contractor. A plethora of free videos on sites like Youtube and Vimeo show how to replace sinks, install countertops, and tile floors. However, the easiest way to go over budget is to assume you can tackle complex projects without a building contractor’s help. Don’t forget the value of your time, and avoid assuming that your past construction/remodeling work will help you manage your current project.
  • Focus on the necessities, not the “nice-to-haves.” Certain designer cabinets and special trim or moldings may look great, but are they truly necessary? Such extras can add significant cost. Consider installing things like crown molding later; focus first on general construction fundamentals.
  • Focus on long term financial considerations. For instance, will the remodel improve the value of your home? If you implement a remodeling budget of $20,000, can you leverage certain tax incentives or other types of financial planning strategies to spread out your risk?

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