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The kitchen is the room that brings family and friends together the most. No wonder it usually tops the renovation wish list of most homeowners. Planning a kitchen remodeling project requires a lot of time and effort. Ready to give your kitchen a fresh look? Read on to learn about the great kitchen must-haves that will spice up your remodel.

Bay Area Building Contractors List Top 8 Kitchen Remodeling Must-Haves

1. Access to the Outdoors

Direct access to the backyard or patio visually expands your kitchen and allows you to easily go outside to relax or have a cup of coffee. It gives you extra space for dining as well as entertaining. You can open up your kitchen to the outside with wall-to-floor windows or sliding glass doors.

2. Extra Storage

Storage is one of the common reasons behind homeowners giving their building contractor a call for a kitchen renovation. A beautiful kitchen with poorly thought out storage can be completely dysfunctional. Upgrade your storage space by replacing your old cabinets with bigger and more contemporary ones. Add creative features such as a walk-in pantry that’s loaded with shelves.

3. Natural Lighting

An interior space that’s flooded with natural light is not only great to look at but also wonderful to live and work in. The mood-lifting natural light is a great source of vitamin D and helps you save on your electricity costs. Let extra sunlight into your kitchen by adding a skylight, light tubes, or windows.

4. Island

Incorporating a kitchen island allows you to add contrast by choosing a finish that differs from the rest of your kitchen. But that’s just half the story. You can use the island for many different purposes such as prepping meals, eating area, the sink, and extra storage space. You can purchase an island cart or easily make one yourself.

5. Large Sink

You can make it easier to wash dishes in your remodeled kitchen by ripping out your old, small sink and replacing it with a larger one. A large sink that’s separated into two can make it easier to separate dirty and clean items. An open one is excellent for washing big pots and pans.

6. Extra Outlets

The more electrical outlets in your kitchen, the better. As you remodel your kitchen, add some more outlets. If you don’t want unsightly outlets in your backsplash, you can install a strip of outlets inside drawers and underneath your wall cabinets.

7. Hidden Garbage and Recycling Area

A bulky trash bin in the open can be an eyesore. You can get it out of sight by placing it under the sink or in a pantry. Even better, get a handy garbage and recycling cabinet that will make the trash can slide out when you pull it open.

8. Dumpster Rental

A dumpster rental is a useful must-have for your next kitchen remodel. A dumpster makes waste disposal easy and affordable. You can throw construction materials and old cabinets in a 10 or 15-yard dumpster.

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