Bay Area Air Conditioning Doesn’t Have to Drag Down Aesthetics

Bay Area Air Conditioning

As busy Bay Area general contractors who are constantly solving diverse problems for local homeowners, we hear a lot of fascinating questions from clients. Many homeowners, for instance, want to know how they can hide their heating and cooling units, or at least make them less conspicuous. Read on for a quick, simple answer.

Build a fence!

To deflect attention away from an outdoor air conditioning unit, consider putting a fence around it. Some local home owner’s associations actually require screening for Bay Area HVAC equipment, noting the benefit to curb appeal and property values. Fencing works especially well when the fence is painted a shade of green that will blend in with the background. Designers at Disneyland paint HVAC units, other equipment, and even entire buildings a bluish gray-green that they call “Go Away Green” for this color’s ability to make items seem to disappear.

But what if your air conditioning unit lives in a garden?

Here’s a beautiful way to disguise it; use a trellis or screen. Place the trellis where it will block people’s view of the unit when they sit in the garden, and then train climbing vines to grow on the trellis.

Here’s a more elaborate solution. Build a special structure to contain the unit, such as a small shed that can potentially also hold other equipment, such as your tools, lawnmower and croquet set. Just make sure that the structure is ventilated and that it provides the unit enough room so that it’s not blocked from dissipating heat. You want to avoid creating a fire hazard!

We Can Make Quick Work of Your Air Conditioning Eyesore

Whether you need help disguising or servicing your HVAC, or you’re exploring ways to make your home more comfortable or efficient this summer and beyond, connect with the B.A. Morrison team today for assistance. Give us a ring at (510) 538-9817 or bounce your renovation, construction, or maintenance questions off of us by email through our Contact Page!

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