Avoid Compromising Your HVAC Efficiency & Indoor Air Quality as You Remodel

Contractor Performing HVAC Cleaning and Maintenance

Remodeling and/or adding onto your home may not affect your HVAC system directly, but you still need to think about this equipment as you plan the project. Below are some tips to protect your heating and air conditioning equipment from damage and get the most out of your new space.

1. Turn it off. If possible, avoid running air conditioning or heat while you are completing your project. Of course your ability to do without during construction depends on the time of year and the weather in your area. Thankfully, here in the Bay Area it is typically easy to live without heating and/or cooling during construction. By shutting down your HVAC during construction you can avoid much of the dust and debris that may find its way into your ducts with the added air circulation caused by a running system.

2. Keep it clean. Keep your work area as tidy as possible to reduce the amount of debris that enters your system. Once fine particulate matter enters into circulation, it can be hard to remove. The air pollution can cause problems for asthmatics and allergy sufferers as well as reduce overall efficiency.

3. Close the vents. Closing your vents and registers will stop your system from pulling in dust. However, if you choose to run the air conditioning or heat during the project, be sure that you do not close everything.

4. Install a ductless heat pump. If you are adding onto your home, talk to your general contractor about adding climate control in the new space with a ductless heat pump. Also known as a split system, a ductless heat pump provides both heating and cooling without extra duct work.

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