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Bay Area HVAC Heat and AirDuring the fall and spring, many homeowners leave their windows open, unknowingly bringing allergenic pollen into their homes. That pollen can get ground into the carpet and released into the air, where it can circulate through the house and aggravate the occupants’ allergies. HVAC air filters, which can be installed by the homeowner or a general contractor who specializes in heating and air conditioning, can handle much of the pollen, but before long these filters can easily become dirty and clogged, leading to poor air quality.

Fortunately, replacing the filter on an HVAC system is a relatively simple task, and doing so can go a long way toward alleviating indoor allergies. Make sure that the new filters that you buy and install are the right size and type for your system, or they will not be as effective. Remove the vent, pop out the old filter, put the new one in its place, and secure the vent. Test and maintain this system at regular intervals, and as a result your home will soon be free (or at least substantially freer) of dust, pollen, and other allergenic material.

In addition to aggravating allergies, dirty filters are the number one factor responsible for a home’s heating and air conditioning failures, according to independent studies. Inspect your filters regularly and replace them immediately if needed, not only to preserve a clean and safe environment for your family and/or tenants, but also to save money long term.

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