Managing Your HVAC System

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If you Googled phrases like “lower my heating bill,” you would come up with enough online literature on property maintenance, heating and HVAC systems to keep you busy for the entire winter.

So how do you know what information is truly worth acting on? Start with the simple things. These include:

  • Turning down the thermostat when you’re not using it;
  • Using your fans strategically (i.e. putting them in reverse);
  • Keeping heating vents free of debris;
  • Locating and fixing leaks in your system.

But what else should you be doing to get costs down… without having to go through a graduate level course in HVAC maintenance?

First off, install an energy monitor tool. Studies suggest that homeowners who monitor their energy use automatically and intuitively adjust their habits to save more. We all like games. When you can see how much energy you’re using – or not using – you’ll be inclined to game out how to reduce heat loss. The better you do, the less money you spend (the more you save), and the less energy you needlessly consume.

Along those lines, consider investing in home automation technologies, which can let you control your heating and climate control systems remotely. For instance, if you’re working late at the office, you can leave your home relatively chilly, until right before you get into the car. Then you can hop on your iPad (or other mobile device), turn on your heating system and arrive home to a toasty, warm house, thanks to the automation system.

Consider investing in better-insulated doors and windows to prevent heat from leaching out.

Redoing your roof and attic can also help eliminate heat leakage.

Professional HVAC Maintenance and Repair

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Let the professional property maintenance specialists at B.A. Morrison help you identify your heating and energy constraints and keep your Bay Area winter heating costs low this year. Call 510-538-9817 or email our team for a free consultation.

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