Advice from a Bay Area General Contractor: Prevention is Key

Whether you’re remodeling a fixer-upper, building a new office complex, or you’re already a happy homeowner, your focus should be on one word: prevention.

bay area general contractor“Prevention” basically means “protect now to enjoy later.” In terms of general construction, prevention can save you tremendous amounts of money, time, and anguish.

Here’s a guide to forward thinking building maintenance.

If your foundation plantings get overgrown, water can seep out of them and cause rot in your walls. The roots can even break through into your walls and pipes, creating a new set of hazards and costs. A damaged foundation can cost $2,500 or more to fix – not to mention the time and energy needed or the disruption to you and/or your tenants. There are a lot of great “quick fixes” here. For instance, you could trim the shrubs or just replace them with other plants that don’t need trimming as often. (Japanese holly is excellent replacement choice.)

Loose rails and boards on an outdoor deck can also create massive headaches, not only from a “someone could step through a board, fracture his femur and sue you big time” perspective, but also because loose boards can create lots of extra damage. A professional may charge you $10,000 or more to repair or replace a busted deck. Fixing loose rails, boards, and balusters is a pretty simple task. Just pry off the bad boards and replace them, add new screws and adhesive, where needed, to give the deck a “strength boost,” and tighten loose bolts and screws. An hour’s worth of work can help stave off thousands of dollars worth of repairs later – or a personal injury lawsuit.

Wood that loses its protective coating due to weathering, over use, or other factors can get discolored and accumulate dirt and moisture. It can cost a pretty penny to replace cracked and splintered wood, especially when the damage is widespread. When you see signs that the floor is getting worn down, add a polyurethane coat (or other appropriate premier and coating) to boost the life of the wood.

Getting Help with Property Maintenance

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