DIY Remodeling vs. Hiring Building Contractors With Unmatched Experience


When remodeling your Bay Area home, you have two basic options to get the job done: 1) you can choose to “go it alone,” or 2) you can consult a reputable building contractor.

Attempting to complete a project on your own may be tempting at first, both because of the potential upfront cost savings and because of the thrill of the challenge. However, you also need to consider opportunity costs, the dangers involved with construction, and the amount of time even a small improvement project can consume. Working with a qualified Bay Area general contractor can help you avoid costly remodeling mistakes, such as:

  • Poor planning. If you’re not a building contractor, and you don’t have much experience planning and executing relevant projects, you’ll be unlikely to develop a solid, realistic budget or anticipate tool-related or structural considerations.
  • Design issues. Some designs may be aesthetically pleasing or innovative, but not practical. Is your design both functional and safe? Or is it whimsical and dangerous? Without insight into these questions, you could be putting yourself and your family at risk.
  • Legal complications. When you start a remodeling project, you may need to secure certain permits, insurance and other such protections before you begin working. Do you know what those are? A contractor will be aware of these requirements and will make sure that you have everything you need.

A Reputable General Contractor Can Keep Your Project On Budget

Whether you’re preparing for a small kitchen remodeling project or a complete renovation of your home, working with our Bay Area contractors can help you avoid the pitfalls above as well as other complications that could derail your project, bloat your budget and lead to an inadequate or unsafe finished product. Call B.A. Morrison today at (510) 538-9817 or send us a brief message from our contact page.

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