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East Bay Kitchen RemodelingYou don’t need to be a building contractor to fix things around your home! Homeowners need to be jacks-of-all trades to stay on top of household problems. Here are ten essential skills you should work on, whether you’re about to engage in a series of DIY projects for your Bay Area home, or you’re just looking to impress your spouse or soon-to-be in-laws with your domestic skills:

1. Fix leaks. Fix dripping faucets with a wrench and secure them with plumbers tape.

2. Unclog drains. To fix clogged sinks and toilets, get familiar with how to use general construction tools like plungers, drain snakes and Liquid Plumber.

3. Stop an overflowing toilet. Reach into the cistern, and pull the float to the top. Keep the float up until you identify the root of the problem.

4. Understand the signals from your circuit breaker. Label your breakers. That way, if one blows, or if you need to cut power in a certain area, you’ll make accurate decisions.

5. Locate wall studs. Buy a stud finder to be sure you hang heavy pictures in secure places and avoid damaging your walls or the house’s structure.

6. Fix loose door hinges. You may simply need to tighten or strip screws, or the repair process may require more skillful work, like sanding and rust removal.

7. Remove a stripped screw. Here’s how to handle this challenge easily: just hammer a flathead screwdriver tip under head of the screw until it loosens.

8. Fix a sink disposal. Use the reset button and wrench hole to dislodge the stuck flywheel. Make sure to switch the breaker off before engaging in repair.

9. Un-jam a lock. By spraying oil into the keyhole to lubricate the lock, oftentimes you’ll be able to un-jam the lock and allow it to function.

10. Un-stick a door. If excess paint or swelling causes your door to stick, you may need to shave down the door and jamb to fix it. Remember: excessively humid weather or water vapor from other sources can cause wood to swell.

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