Bay Area Building Contractors find These Upgrades Increase Value the Most

Bay Area general contractors have been very busy helping home owners ready their homes for sale over the past several years as we’ve seen home prices rise considerably, saavy sellers know that if they invest some money in upgrading their home to make it more attractive to buyers in the market they can get a lot more for their home.

kitchen-remodeling-bay-area-building-contractorWhile your decisions for investing in enhancing your property depend on whether you want to make your home more comfortable, spacious, or simply to boost resale value, there are a handful of home improvements that have come to be recognized as the best for boosting value which at the same time will make your home stand out from the curb and those that enhance the function and comfort of the interior. Some home improvement projects that bay area building contractors have seen raise the value of local properties include:

  1. Siding/Curb Appeal
    Even though sprucing up your kitchen and bathroom is a great idea, it is important that you first pay attention to exterior maintenance before taking such steps. A buyer likely won’t want to see your upgraded kitchen if the exterior is dingy, damaged, or visibly deficient. If you have drafty windows, a leaking roof, or standing water in your basement, it is essential that you deal with them first. Such issues can scare off potential buyers. Replacing worn, damaged, or deteriorated siding is a great curb appeal booster, as is a new roof and gutters.
  2. Kitchen
    Most homeowners agree that the kitchen is still the heart of any household. As a result, buyers tend to look at this area first before assessing the rest of the home. Investing money, even modest amounts, in a kitchen remodeling project is likely increase the resale value of your home. Something as simple as few hundred dollars spent on a new set of cabinet handles, faucets, paint or lighting fixtures can make a huge difference to how your kitchen appears to potential buyers.
  3. Bathroom
    Another important area of your home that has the potential to raise its value is the bathroom. Simple improvements like installing a new bathroom fixtures or pedestal sink can have a significant impact. Replacing dated flooring can make a big difference in the flow of your home. Installing new bath/shower doors or replacing a dingy shower curtain with an installed sliding door can really improve the sense of quality and refinement in bathrooms small and large. These are just some of the small, but smart bathroom upgrades that are likely to improve the appearance of your home’s bathrooms.
  4. Entry
    First impressions are very important, so making your front door and entryway more appealing is a sound investment. You can take out a dull lock and handle mechanism and replace it with a more impressive set of locking hardware. There are a variety of options when improving your entry way including whether you want to provide windows in the front door the surround, bold color choices like red or black are becoming popular with front doors as well. The main point is to have an appealing entry point that will help to raise the value of your home. You don’t want a tight entryway with faulty hardware or failing finishes taking away from the first impressions of home buyers.
  5. Adding a Room
    Most realtors will tell you that more rooms translate to a higher resale value. Some homeowners ignore this fact because they don’t want to incur extra costs. However, adding a room to your house isn’t always an enormous construction process. Adding bathrooms is popular with older homes in the East Bay Area as older homes typically do not have as many bathrooms and people who entertain or plan to expand their family will appreciate the addition. Expanding existing rooms also should not be overlooked, as well as removing dated divisions between the kitchen and living spaces, as more and more people are identifying the benefit of being able to be part of their guests’ conversations while they simultaneously prepare foods.

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