Bathroom Remodeling Close Second to Kitchen Remodeling On Bay Area Homeowner Wishlists


Ready to breathe new life into your bathroom to prepare to sell your Bay Area home or just make it more comfortable and livable? Incorporate some of these bathroom remodeling trends into your design scheme to create a feeling of luxury and respite.

Waterproof Technology

It’s no secret that technology has infiltrated every aspect of modern life, especially here in the Bay Area – arguably the world’s hub for smart tech. Bathroom design has been transformed by this revolution as well. Automated toilet flushing systems and variable flushing help to conserve water. Bluetooth audio devices let you pump in music or listen to your favorite podcasts anywhere in your home. The list goes on.

Heated Flooring

Add value to your home and save money on energy by asking a professional Bay Area building contractor to add heated floors to your bathroom. Glorious on those cold and rainy mornings!

Updated Hardware

For a quick and affordable bathroom upgrade, consider installing new hardware in copper, brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze. It’s incredible what a difference new hardware can make in some older bathrooms.

Designer Tubs and Showers

Make a statement by using an elaborate freestanding tub or walk-in shower as a focal point for the room. With the help of an East Bay general contractor, you can install a tub or shower that is both luxurious and affordable.

The Bay Area General Contractors at BA Morrison Can Help You Design a Better Bathroom

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