You’re looking for a general construction team in Castro Valley to help you remodel your master bathroom. Before you finalize the architectural blueprints and start gutting the bathroom, browse these tips. They’ll make your job simpler, easier, and more cost efficient.

Bay Area bathroom remodeling
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1. Discover your style

Perhaps you’ve been daydreaming for years about how you’ll redo your bathroom (and kitchen, living room, etc!) – once you have the money. Or maybe you haven’t given it much thought. In either case, solidify. Ground your plans by clip-n-saving images of bathrooms you find in magazines or discover via online sources. Consider a diverse array of materials and solutions, like granite countertops, enormous tubs, rain bars, steam showers, etc.

2. Winnow down your “dream bathroom” by applying practical criteria.

For instance, you might want a Jacuzzi tub and a huge shower, but maybe you lack the space or don’t have the budget. Practically speaking, most people spend far more time in the shower than they do in the bath. So choose a really nice shower and nix the hot tub.

Likewise, married couples who share a single sink often wish for a two-sink bathroom. But if the addition of a second sink creates plumbing and water challenges, and it can tack on big costs to the job.

Along the lines of “dream big but act practically,” consider a universal design approach. This strategy features bigger doorways, the absence of the raised lip on the bottom of the shower, and a roomier, “bigger” feel.

3. Consider adding cool technology.

While you don’t necessarily need a giant flat screen across from the toilet, why not at least explore possibilities? Modern bathroom tech lets you do pretty cool stuff, such as in-mirror flat screen TVs and automatic humidity, temperature, and fan controls, which you can operate via your smart phone or iPad.

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