The holidays are already upon us. Guests are coming in from out of town. Your living room is a pig pile.


What to do???

First of all, take a breath. Although we’re about to dole out useful tips, remember that the
holidays are not about perfection. Rather, they are about homey-ness and cozyness – time for
reflection and gratitude as opposed to stress and anguish. Indeed, the best holiday dining room
remodeling lesson is this: Be compassionate with yourself, and do what you can do.

Nevertheless, the Martha Stewart in you still needs the brass tacks. Here are some tips for her:


1. Get tables and chairs that fit.

Find, buy, or make a beautiful table — well appointed with flatware and a sumptuous feast, of
course — to fit your space. Be mindful of the potential “flow” of holiday dinners:

  • Where will the kids sit?
  • Will the guests be able to get in and out of their chairs comfortably?
  • Will dinner be one long and annoying affair of people reaching across one another and passing dishes of sweet potatoes perpetually from one end of the table to the other?
  • Spend 4-5 minutes just envisioning your ideal dinner – how you want to use the space –and you will make serious progress.

2. Small “fixes” can make a huge difference.

A simple change in the way you light the room – buying a new lamp, installing a new fixture,
etc. can totally transform the temperature and “warmth” of the space. Touch up your paint, hang
a few pictures, light candles, and so on. You will positively alter the very nature of the space.

Think of it this way. Here’s a metaphor for you. Imagine your dining room is a 40-something-
year-old woman preparing for a fancy soiree. She could go through the earnest work
of “remodeling herself” by going to the gym, changing her diet, using special fancy-dancy
moisturizers, etc. Or she could dress up in fancy duds and pretty makeup. Or she could choose
a venue that would highlight her best aspects and hide what she wants hidden. In other words,
ways to alter a landscape — be it your dining room or your appearance — abound.

3. Get help from a reliable home remodeler.

The trustworthy general contracting and heating/air specialists at B. A. Morrison can help you
powerfully redesign your dining room for the holidays and beyond.

Find out more about our Better Business Bureau A+ accredited business at, or call us at 510-538-9817. We can do everything from full-scale construction and remodeling to simple maintenance
repair and spot checks.

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