The air we breathe plays a vital a role in shaping our health, well-being, attitude and capacity to function effectively. When air quality in a home degrades, enormous health problems can arise, including emphysema, asthma, bronchial conditions, etc.


We have tremendous motivation to breathe clean, fresh air. So how can we make that happen?

First of all, remember that there really is no good substitute for fresh, clean, outdoor air. Proper ventilation can freshen a space and also remove potentially hazardous materials, ranging from allergens, to pet dander, to dust and debris, to itty-bitty, mashed up, dried up insect parts.


Air filters

Powerful air filters can remove the dust, debris, and other contaminants that cause or exacerbate health problems. Not all home air purifiers are created equal, of course. So make sure to get an air purifier that’s matched well for your health needs, the size of the room, and the particle size of the contaminants you want to eliminate. For instance, if you live near an industrial section of a city, you might want to install special air filters to eliminate or at least reduce the amount of very fine-sized particulate pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds.

Regular carpet cleaning and maintenance

Caring for your floors, carpets, and furniture significantly reduces the toxins in the air.

Cleaning your heat and air systems

Property maintenance, construction and remodeling, and heat and air system maintenance all can have positive effects on home air quality.

The experts at BA Morrison, a family-owned heating, ventilation and air- conditioning and general construction company, can minimize your indoor air pollution risks and maximize the beauty and value of your property.

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