Save $ down the road by taking appropriate preventive measures.

Whether you run a restaurant, and you need clean air ducts to transport away dust-and-grease filled air and return clean air from an outside source; or you’re a homeowner or landlord who wants a deeper understanding of how to do building maintenance the right way, here are some tips on how to maintain clean and working air ducts – without busting your budget.

Clean Those Ducts!


Poor air quality can cause or exacerbate all sorts of health problems, including asthma, allergies,and perhaps even chronic disease.  Air ducts can accumulate insect droppings, dander, pollen, dust, debris, and even certain volatile organic compounds. Your maintenance should be focused on eliminating these pollutants and filtering your air flow properly, so that you and others who inhabit your home/building enjoy good air quality.

Don’t Allow Moisture to Pool and Accumulate!

You should also focus on eliminating – or at least limiting – the amount of moisture that seeps into your ducts.  Water leaks/damage can form molds and cause structural problems.

Maintenance Tips

To eliminate debris, dust, and particles from your air ducts, get appropriate air filters, and change them regularly. How often you need to change them? The answer depends on myriad variables, including the rate of air flow in your house/office/apartment; whether you own pets or not; whether you have particular sensitivities to pollution or debris; what season it is, etc. Be sure that the air flow does not slip pass the filters – and that you have enough filters to properly screen the air. A technician can “de-grime” your cooling coils as well as any drain pans.

Take care to seal up vents and returns during renovations, so dust and particulate debris will not get sucked up into your system. Lastly, keep your home clean, vacuum regularly (ideally with a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner), and consider using home air purifiers as well.
Installing and maintaining a quality and health promoting air duct system – and doing the due diligence and correct preventative maintenance – is often a counterintuitive task. That’s why both businesses and homeowners trust the team at B.A. Morrison.  Since 1990, our family-owned heating, ventilation, air conditioning and general construction company has been serving the Bay Area.

We are located in Castro Valley, CA, and we have lots of great resources on the web to help you understand your HVAC and general construction needs at Connect with us at 510-538-9817, and learn first-hand why we won a “Super Service Award” from Angie’s List in 2010.


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