Importance of A/C and Heating Service

east-bay-general-contractorWhether you need emergency Bay Area HVAC repair, or you’re just trying to get your heating and air conditioning costs down to reduce your monthly budget, you probably haven’t given that much thought to your maintenance process. But it’s crucial that you start.

When our home systems are working fine, we tend to ignore them. We have lots of other fun/necessary “stuff” we want to do with our time. However, it’s definitely worth your while to establish a good maintenance protocol. Doing so can save you money and reduce your hassle over the long-term.

This leads us to the single best home maintenance tip ever: establish a process for doing HVAC maintenance.

Whether that means that you call-in a professional team, like B.A. Morrison, to clean and check your system on a bi-annual basis (more or less, depending on circumstances); or you go through a more elaborate, do-it-yourself procedure, document and calendar your process.

It may sound like a lot of work. 90% of the people who read this post probably will shrug and say “that sounds like a good idea, but I don’t have the time.” The reality is, however, that you don’t have time NOT to do this.

All it takes is one unfortunate incident (e.g. a cracked pipe, the spread of mold in the walls, etc.) to eat up WAY more of your time – when you least expect it – then it will take to establish a process.

You can choose from an array of tactics to get started:

  • Clear leaves, dirt, sticks and other debris from your outdoor A/C unit;
  • Occasionally spray the condensing unit with a hose;
  • Clean or replace your air filters;
  • Examine your oil motors and belts for wear and tear;
  • Look for leaks in ductwork and the refrigerant system;
  • Make sure your thermostats are accurate;
  • Make sure your A/C and heating systems don’t go on simultaneously due to an electric control sequence glitch.

Those ideas and others can all be helpful. But the main point is: establish a process.

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