Energy Efficient Tips for Indoor Comfort All Year Long

East Bay HVACAs summer heats up, and your A/C bills start to climb, you’re wondering how you can get your air conditioning costs down. If you’re doing a rigorous budget analysis, you also may want to reduce the costs of heating and general HVAC maintenance.

If you’re currently “feeling the pain” of your high A/C bills, avoid focusing solely on A/C — focus on the longer-term future. Heating maintenance should be a priority as well — ideally, you should do a summer maintenance sweep now to prevent problems in the winter.

Here are some other year-round efficiency tips:

  • Keep your HVAC equipment clean.
  • Clean exposed surfaces, which can accumulate dust, debris, pine needles, spider webs, etc, that can impact efficiency and reduce air quality.
  • Use all your senses to identify possible issues. If you smell something “weird” from your unit or hear an unusual noise coming from your fans or furnace, this could indicate a system constrained by dirt, grime or other nastiness.
  • To ensure yearlong savings, track your energy usage. Studies show that the mere act of tracking energy consumption can lead to better habits and slash both bills and waste.
  • Consider being more conservative with your utilities. Do you need it to be 65 degrees inside your house on the hottest day of the year? To tolerate higher temperatures, wear cooler clothes, for instance.
  • Get a regular inspection of your HVAC systems, ideally many months in advance. Inspect your system for the winter during the summer, and vice versa. Experienced contractors can explain other cost saving measures and help you avoid common mistakes that might be causing you to spend money needlessly without any real benefit.

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