Is the Prospect of Finding a Good HVAC Service Giving You Anxiety?

Here’s What to Do.

Consumers, business owners, and even fairly technically skilled and adept people often are quite anxious over the prospect of HVAC servicing. After all, your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning units typically hum along nicely in the background, where they can be safely ignored while you concentrate on running a business or living life.. But things can go wrong with your HVAC – a condenser coil malfunctions, or a fan breaks during a heat wave, or a compressor goes haywire, or a reversing valve wears out.

Since you are not an expert at HVAC servicing – and since compressors, condenser coils, and other technical HVAC components are quite complicated  – you need some way to take control over your problem and feel reassured that you will get the service you need at a good price.

A guide to HVAC:

The heat pump should be found outside of your home or business. It contains a condenser coil, a fan, contractors, a compressor, and a reversing valve. Your technician should evaluate the effectiveness of these components, search for leaks, repair parts, etc.

Inside your home or office building, you will find the air handler, which contains evaporator coils, air vent plenum, a fan and a filtration system. Typically, damage to the air handler system (or its components) won’t cost too much. But problems with an air handler system can lead to surprising costs. For instance, a rusted out air vent plenum can be pricey to fix.

The key to extracting the best service from whomever you hire to do your HVAC work is to ask questions. Think through what you want out of the repair before you go into it. Consider what’s most important to you: Is it keeping costs low? Or the length of the job? Or is it the quality of repairs?

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