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The warm weather and increased daylight are some of the factors that make summer an ideal time to live through a home renovation project. Unfortunately, once the reality of the project hits you, you may feel overwhelmed during the planning process. But make no mistake, hurrying through the planning process will make for a gloomy renovation experience. To make things less daunting for you, we’ve compiled the top summer renovation survival tips.

9 Ways to Keep Your Cool During Summer Home Remodeling

1. Decide what stays and what goes

To make the renovation process go smoothly, make sure you decide on what you want upfront. Indecision can delay the project. Look through your closets, cabinetry, and other storage areas. Evaluate every item you intend to pack. Get rid of what you don’t plan to use in your new space.

2. Change your parking spot

Your building contractor will come and go at different times during the day. He’ll need to bring in people as well as materials. For that reason, you should give them easy access in and out as well as allow them to park reasonably close to your home. That may mean you having to move your car to a different parking spot.

3. Prep adjacent rooms

Your project will affect the rooms surrounding the project area. For example, the vibrations from drilling and repair work could dislodge and damage the items in the adjoining rooms. De-clutter these rooms and remove any fragile items to avoid accidental damage.

4. Have separate entryways

It’s a good idea to have one entryway for your family and a different one for workers that’s clear of bicycles, garage equipment, kids’ toys, and other hazards. That will help minimize job interruptions. Make sure there’s clear access to the water shut-off valve and main electrical panel.

5. Minimize the spread of dust

One major inconvenience you can experience during a renovation project is dust spreading throughout your house. The contractor will try to contain dust within the work area. But going by the way dust migrates, you shouldn’t be surprised to find dust in every room of your house. You can take the following steps to reduce the spread of construction dust:

  • Keep all interior doors closed
  • Seal off open doorways with plastic sheeting and blue painter’s tape
  • Use plastic sheeting and runners that stick to the carpeting to protect stairs
  • Wrap cheesecloth around vents and registers
  • Replace your HVAC filters during the renovation and after completion of the project

6. Plan for a makeshift kitchen

If you’re planning to have a Bay Area kitchen remodeling, you’ll need to plan for a temporary kitchen elsewhere in your home. Look for a convenient space and set up cooking equipment and storage and prep items.

7. Protect your kids and pets

As curious as your children may be, you shouldn’t allow them to enter the work area on workdays. The new faces, dust, and noises will also affect your pets, so keep them away from the project area as well.

8. Take some time out

There are certain times during a remodel when it’s best to get out of the house. Tasks such as painting and finishing of floors will create odors that you may find unbearable. Take this time to explore the hidden gems of your city or town. You can ask your contractor to perform such tasks over the weekend to make it easier for you to take some family time and be away from the house.

9. Handle emergencies correctly

If an emergency such as smoke or fire arises due to the renovation, make sure you call 911 immediately. You should also contact your contractor. For any other job-related issues that are not emergencies, talk to your contractor about them on a business day. You can ask questions via email during off-hours to ensure the contractor addresses the issues the following business day.

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