2012 Bay Area remodeling season is upon us. Whether you’ve already decided on the scope and depth of your project, or you are still recovering from your wild New Year’s eve party and only now getting around to your to-do list for 2012, here are eight hot trends in home remodeling.


1. Indoor/outdoor combo.

Bay Area homeowners are getting “back to nature” by blending outdoor and indoor spaces. It’s plenty of plants, open air, etc., with an indoor feel. These spaces are more than just patios – places to “escape to” to go outside – they are integrated into the home’s design. One advantage to living in sunny California is that you can enjoy communion with Mother Nature.

2. Moving away from baroque ornamentation and back to classical.

The history of fashion, design, and architecture recalls a pendulum swinging back and forth. We go from structured and classical, back and forth again and again. Currently, it appears we are heading away from the baroque and back to the simple, clean, bright, and classical.

3. Cutting costs wherever possible.

Despite the recent uptick in the national and state economies, Californians are under the gun. That means we are trying to make designing as efficient as possible. Its Back to Basics.

4. The home is becoming a village for different generations of the family.

It’s another consequence of our stultified economy – or perhaps Bay Area residents are just sick and tired of having their families so spread out. Whatever the case is, elderly parents are living with their adult children, and young adult children are staying at home with their parents. As a result, we are seeing many more multi-generation families living under the same roof. This translates into some interesting remodeling and redesigning. When seniors move in, they need things like grab bars and elevators. When young adult kids move back to stay with their parents, they need their privacy – and so do their parents!

5. Kitchen über alles.

Kitchens just seem to be getting brighter, airier, and more central. Maybe it’s all the reality TV food shows. Maybe it’s just the sumptuous local cuisine and wines here in Northern and Central California. Whatever the case is, kitchens are “it,” and they are becoming more functional living and “hanging out” spaces.

6. Community living is back!

Just a few years ago, before the massive economic debacle of 2008, Californians were focused on land development. Now we are seeing a shift back to smaller properties and communal developments. Again, another consequence of our economic times – or perhaps a shift in our values toward more family-centered living.

7. It’s a lot easier to be “green” than it used to be.

The Green Revolution was born here in California. In the Bay Area, buyers and builders put a premium on products and design innovations that save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, extract more energy via solar power, etc.

8. Open floor plans.

Thematically, we are focused on open, airy, communal, bright spaces. We want sunlight streaming into our rooms.

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