Small Remodeling Projects for Any Budget

east-bay-kitchen-remodelingSprucing up a home can lead to big payouts, in terms of your place’s functionality and aesthetics, but you don’t have to sink a fortune into the investment. Homeowners can make major tweaks without spending a lot to increase their families’ comfort and enhance pride of ownership.

Here are 7 inexpensive – yet impactful – ideas for improving your living space:

  1. Increase kitchen storage. Install open shelves on extra wall space to make more room for cookware and dishes. For extra style, add decorative brackets underneath shelves.
  2. Enhance entranceways. Add attractive millwork around exterior doors to give entrances that “wow” factor.
  3. Shine a light. Few items add more functional or aesthetic benefits to a room than a distinctive chandelier, sconce, or pendant, which can add style even when switched off.
  4. Dress up entryways. Unique accessories such as lanterns, letterboxes, and address numbers imbue homes with the personalities of their owners.
  5. Add a backsplash. Beadboard or other inexpensive types of backsplashes provide protection from spills and splashes while looking lovely.
  6. Install a high-tech thermostat. Replace manual models with a programmable thermostat offering better energy efficiency for HVAC systems.
  7. Let bathrooms vent. Reduce or eliminate fog or mold in the bathroom by replacing the vent fan. If an air vent needs added to your bathroom, contact the HVAC specialists at B.A. Morrison.

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