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Gas furnaces are built to last, but its maximum lifespan can only be reached through proper maintenance. Here are 7 tips to keep your Bay Area HVAC pumping much-needed heat during winter and running at peak efficiency year-round.

7 Tips to Keep Your Bay Area Heating System Healthy

Put Safety First

Gas appliances come with risks. Turn the power off prior to checking and watch out for potential gas leaks. Cleaning a furnace that has leaks is extremely dangerous and even fatal. Leave the job to experienced furnace maintenance professionals for your own safety.

Clean Or Change The Filters

The filter system traps dirt, dust and other debris and prevents them from accumulating inside the furnace. You as the owner should be able to tell when it’s due for a good clean depending on your usage. A totally clogged filter calls for a timely replacement before it causes further damage to your entire furnace.

Clean The Blower

The blower assembly, which sits right next to the air filter, is also up for thorough cleaning. Tiny particles that penetrate the air filter goes straight to the furnace blower. Use a damp cloth to clean the component as well as the blower pulleys and belts.

Check For A Thermostat Problem

If your family feels uncomfortable despite the gas furnace operating in the background, then the furnace thermostat may no longer be working as it should. Check its condition and replace once the component has worn out.

Clean Furnace Ducts

Damaged furnace ducts are common in typical forced-air furnaces. Frequent cleaning with a high-powered vacuum can prevent premature replacements. Make sure to cover all ducts after vacuuming to avoid air leakages.

Ensure Vents Are Working

Gas furnaces are hooked to a ventilation system which tend to get blocked with the buildup of dust and debris over the years. Blocked or disconnected vents poses carbon monoxide hazards! Remove the vent covers then clean the parts with a large brush and the insides with a vacuum cleaner.

Do A Thorough Inspection

Most furnace problems can be spotted before it gets any worse with a routine general inspection, including fan components. Assessing the need for a furnace repair or replacement early on can save you from unexpected expenses and give you peace of mind. Buying a new unit is totally unnecessary when you’ve got a functional, well-maintained furnace.

Contact Our East Bay HVAC Maintenance Company for Help

Annual checks are best done during the off seasons (spring and fall) to prevent unwanted failure when you need it most. Contact BA Morrison today for the best Bay Area heating and air conditioning maintenance, repair and installation services. Call (510) 538-9817 or contact us online here.

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