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Kitchen remodeling projects have much in common with other building renovations: They can add value, functionality, and beauty to a home and — and there are also many myths swirling around them. This article looks at several kitchen remodeling myths. It also contains suggestions from an East Bay general contractor on how to set your project up for success.

You Can Do Your Own Remodeling

While some projects around the house can be good fits for DIY types, kitchen remodeling usually isn’t one of them. Kitchens have everything from sharp, moving parts to electrical hookups, meaning that for safety’s sake, kitchen jobs are best left to professionals.

Kitchen Projects Are Time-Consuming

Kitchen projects are often not one-day jobs, but they don’t stretch out indefinitely either, especially when planned by a Castro Valley building contractor or other qualified professional. And to lessen the disruption of a kitchen project on your and your family, you can always set up a temporary kitchen space elsewhere in the house.

You Should Follow the Hot New Trend

Magazines and internet articles that highlight new trends in kitchen design are quite common. But you should keep in mind that trends are, by their very nature, temporary. Instead of chasing trends, focus on project elements that will boost your home’s value and your enjoyment of your kitchen.

The Lights Don’t Matter

The kitchen’s lighting setup is one of the most important elements of a kitchen remodeling project to get right. Lighting that is too dim or garish will lessen the impact of any aesthetic upgrades your kitchen remodeling project involves. Additionally, lighting upgrades are an opportunity to embrace LED lights, which are typically improvements over traditional light bulbs.

The Floor Doesn’t Matter, Either

One common misconception East Bay general contractors encounter is when homeowners think flooring is a good place to cut costs. But floors that wear out quickly may cost more in the long run if repeated repairs or replacements are needed.

Our East Bay General Contractors Are Here To Help

Most kitchens see a lot of foot traffic, too, so it’s important to select a durable material. And a damaged or cheap-looking floor will drag down the appearance of the rest of your kitchen. In the Bay Area? For specific advice tailored to your project, Contact BA Morrison.

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