As Castro Valley general construction experts, the team here at B.A. Morrison wants to help would-be remodelers understand how to plan for big projects, like a family room addition

Especially if you have small kids (or if you’re planning to welcome a bundle of joy), adding a family room probably appeals. You can also substantially boost the value of your home.

Perhaps right now you only have a living room, dining room, and kitchen. The dining room is a formal place for eating; the kitchen is a place for cooking food; and the living room is a formal space for gathering and welcoming guests. The family room, on the other hand, tends to be more informal. It’s a place for watching TV, playing with toys, and just lounging.

Before proceeding with your family room addition, follow these 4 planning steps.


Step #1: Brainstorm your room addition project’s parameters.

Here’s a great trick to help you figure these out. Imagine “turning over the keys” for the whole project to someone else. What would you tell that person to avoid doing? The opposite of those instructions would be your parameters! For instance, you might tell the person “don’t spend more than $6,000 dollars and finish the addition within three months.”

Step #2: Research and brainstorm your “ideal family room” without limiting your imagination.

We brainstorm and analyze from different regions of our brains. If we try to analyze while brainstorming, both our creativity and our analysis break down. So start by imagining possibilities. Sit down with your partner and possibly your children and come up with great features, furniture, and other “stuff” you’d ideally like from a family room. Make a big long list.

Step #3: Wait a beat. Then analyze and sequence your list.

Once you finish your brainstorming, give yourself a rest. Then come back with fresh eyes, using your principles (derived in step one) to guide you. Figure out what you want to do first, second, third; what you can’t afford/don’t really want; and so forth. Do a complete analysis.

Step #4: Get input from experienced general construction experts.

The Castro Valley general construction team at B.A. Morrison would be happy to help you think through, strategize, and execute your family room addition. Get in touch with us today for a free and thorough remodeling estimate.

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