Perhaps you just purchased a new Bay Area home or condominium. Or maybe you are remodeling or “reinventing” your space. In the back of the mind, you know you need to do something about your old HVAC system. But is it really necessary? What happens if you just let this project linger on your To Do list for a little longer?

In short, bad things. Consider:

1. Damage to the environment

The current refrigerant that your HVAC system uses may have a bad environmental impact. And if you want to cut costs (and who doesn’t, these days?), you need high quality refrigerants.

2. Stale air

An inadequate HVAC system will allow airborne germs, dust, mites, mildew and mold and other gunk to contaminate your space. Less than fresh indoor air can lead to both short-term and long-term respiratory and immune system ailments, including but not limited to asthma, emphysema,
allergies, weakened overall immune system, and more.

Consider: the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates that most air inside buildings and homes is MORE polluted than outdoor air. Also, most people spend 9 our of every 10 hours indoors. In short: the risks of continuing to use your outmoded HVAC system are pretty clear.

3. Poor humidity control

A poorly designed, installed, maintained, or corrupted HVAC can lead to problems with humidifying and/or dehumidifying. If the air inside your home gets too moist – if humidity is not controlled – allergens, mold spores, etc can grow and flourish.

Too much humidity can damage sensitive pieces of equipment, such as medical equipment or musical instruments, such as your grand piano. Likewise, if air gets too dry, a spate of problems can be created, ranging from dry blistery skin to sore dry throats to general discomfort.

4. Inefficiencies you can’t see

Your central heating system (forced air system) and central AC system should be engineered to maximize ventilation, humidity control, heating/cooling, and filtering. If your components are well matched, well maintained – if all your duct work is sealed and effective – you can save not only on energy costs but also on long term repair costs.

If, on the other hand, you allow your HVAC to continue to “degrade,” you’ll pay both short term energy and efficiency costs as well as long term costs, when you’re forced, ultimately, to invest in a new HVAC system.

You can preempt all these hassles by researching and installing a new HVAC system!Let the experts here at B.A. Morrison help you develop the perfect HVAC solution. Since 1990, our family owned business has helped consumers and businesses in the Bay Area with all their general construction and HVAC needs. Call us at 510-538-9817 or visit us online at


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