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Kitchens aren’t what they were a decade ago. Today, the kitchen isn’t just for cooking meals and doing the dishes. In 2018, kitchens often take the center stage in making a home what it is – a place for people to gather, find comfort and bond with one another.

9 of the Best Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2018

1. The Smart Kitchen

Much like smartphones, the purpose of a smart kitchen is to make your life easier. By integrating new technology into almost every function of the kitchen, you get a chance to experience features like auto alert refrigerators, faucets with motion sensors, smartphone ready light controls, and so much more. This is the best kitchen remodel trend to prepare your kitchen space for the fully smart home of the future.

2. Streamlined elements

“Simplicity” is the word of the day and keeping in line with this thought, homeowners are increasingly choosing uniform textures, patterns, and designs that keep the kitchen environment clean. After all, after a tiring day of work, the only thing a person looks for is some piece of mind.

3. White, gray, and dark cabinet colors

While white continues to be the favorite, gray has an uncanny upper hand. The color gray is more able to adapt to different elements, colors, and aesthetics without sticking out like a sore thumb. Dark shades are also rising in popularity among kitchen design trends due to their elegant appeal. If you are unsure on what cabinet color to decide, you can always ask your Bay Area general contractor for advice.

4. High-efficiency cabinets

With these modern-day cabinets, you can finally say goodbye to wasting space. Unlike the basic shelves and drawers, these cabinets provide many solutions into one including, racks for spices, dividers for utensils and cutlery, the roll-out trays, and even wastebasket cabinet for storing garbage.

5. Quartz is still King

Quartz is not only classy enough to match high-end kitchen countertops but extremely hardy and can last forever. Those are enough reasons for the material to reign as king.

6. The pet-friendly kitchen

2018 will see some revolutionary changes regarding making the kitchen pet and baby-friendly. From feeding stations built near the end of a Cabinet run to a personalized wilting doggie bed beneath the countertop, you can have it all.

7. New generation appliances

As kitchens evolve, so will the appliances. So far stainless steel has dominated this arena, but now we are slowly starting to see appliances in grey tones. This is a much welcome change from the all-white trend in appliances much like like steam ovens are now slowly starting to garner attention.

8. Ceramic flooring for the win

While hardwood floors continue to be popular, ceramic flooring is now getting fresh attention. This is due to the launch of a wide variety of styles and designs that make your ceramic floors exactly the way you want them to. Besides, these floors are easier to maintain.

9. Multipurpose kitchen islands

From being merely an afterthought to becoming a focal point, the idea of kitchen islands has changed a lot over the years. Now, kitchen islands are single level, but larger and serve multiple purposes. Even their design is equipped to make a statement that is impossible to ignore.

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